Venice Biennale – 55th (Italy) 2013

Venice Biennale – 55th (Italy) 2013

Venice Biennale – 55th International Art Exhibition (Italy) 2013
Project NEO: Omnia Vanitas

Project NEO from the artists Vitaliy and Elena Vasilieva, encourages a strong reflection on the eternal game of survival. It conjures up a cacophony of conflict between mind, body and our definition of beauty. It also examines the inner human being of what we like and how we see it in our own existence.

Who are we? How can we survive? How can we keep the beauty that naturally surrounds us and imprisons us at the same time? At the moment we were born we acquire our beauty. Simultaneously, we start a conscious and unconscious fight to keep that same beauty eternally and irrevocably within our mind, bodies and souls.

Precious minerals, gems and stones... Are they stronger than us? Is our search of beauty and perfection inferior to that of the power of nature? Or, are we taking the wrong direction in the search of eternal beauty and life? Will death ultimately free us from the chains of vanity?

Embraced by these unanswered questions we follow life in its constant aesthetic search to avoid death, to achieve evolution— eternal beauty equals eternal life.

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