PRISM OF LIFE / 2007-2008

PRISM OF LIFE / 2007-2008

© Vitaliy & Elena Vasilieva

PRISM OF LIFE / 2007-2008

In our unconscious is constantly wandering images that at first sight have nothing to do with everyday life - we are anticipating that we will be in a completely different world that has neither the time nor the physical limitations. But, surprisingly, and in this new world, continue to apply the same moral laws which accompany all of our earthly life.

If we imagine - by analogy with the world of insects - that our physical presence on the ground is the condition of caterpillar (perhaps a cocoon), then everything falls into place. We are at a stage of transformation - completely new creatures come to us (of course after the death) to replace.

During the millennium of human history in different centuries and times, in different religions of the world have formed some stamps of perception of the nether (future) world, its aesthetic, mythological and mystical elements, and, paradoxically, these stamps continue to operate until now. However, there is nothing surprising in the survivability of these conceptions.

Mysticism, psychology of the unconscious in the first place are the attributes of the visual arts. Mystical and magical rituals accompany the development of humanity throughout the history of civilizations. Take the art of the Mayas and the Incas, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, secession early twentieth century, not to mention the imaginative, aesthetic and mystical principles of Eastern countries and Indo-China. Therefore, in the project "Aesthetics of the Unconscious" was decided to use well-established in world culture forms of visual images of supernatural forces (the same ones already above-mentioned stamps), but give them a pronounced bodily substance by using its own aesthetic perceptions of the world.

This is a unique story about man's future through the prism of reflections and vibrations on the world around us. To describe it as simply beautiful and aesthetically, rather be described as ethical and aesthetic phantasmagoria a la Secession. This is parallel worlds and mystifications, it is a battle between good and evil, and it is the hope of immortality.

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