INSPIRED / 2014-2015

INSPIRED / 2014-2015

© Vitaliy & Elena Vasilieva

INSPIRED / 2014-2015


The project was created with the assistance of AGA ART

Our work on this project aims to awaken the hidden power in everyday architectural objects by challenging the usual associations through intervention of modern technologies.

There is no other element with the same long-term impact on our lives, as the light. Light enchants us with its unique nature. we enjoy exploring it, studying its physical context and the perception of light by different peoples for thousands of years

Project INSPIRED - is not just an artistic lighting, its a light show, intellectual performance, created by light, lasers, interactive projectors and human fantasy in love with artistic transformation. Using the latest technological achievements, INSPIRED awakens the hidden power of the architectural object, challenges stereotypes and dissolves the walls no matter how tough they are. All this transformation takes place in real time! Being the basis of the creative environment of any artist, connection between materials and light is interesting by itself. 

But with INSPIRED, the architectural design elements which enhance and support the light's components of the Project are of more profound significance.

And then, by nightfall the show begins! Slow incandescence created by laser and video cameras, gradually turns into an interactive phase - walls "fall." Scanning System reacts to all happening inside of the building and reflects it on the wall of the facade. With three-dimensional graphics object walls become "transparent ". People outside of the building see its interior. If it is a museum, they get to know that is now on display, and what exhibition or installation can be visited during the day time.
Architectural building itself becomes a living installation, attracting audience every night.
INSPIRED Project turns hidden into clear.
What is protected by impregnable walls at daytime, is open at night to the eyes of travelers, tourists and wondering observers.




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